Data Analyst



Washington, DC


Experienced and appropriately qualified individual to obtain, integrate and report client data. The individual will develop and apply analytic methodologies and principles. The individual will lead the application of analytic techniques and help define project objectives and strategic direction. The individual will resolve complex problems which require an in-depth knowledge of analytic methodologies and principles. The individual will analyze data, formulate conclusions and recommendations, design and develop materials, and evaluate effectiveness in accordance with stated guidelines, specifications, and models. The individual will conduct research, data gathering, and technical reviews. The individual will be responsible for producing reports, spreadsheets, databases, formal process mapping, technical design, system testing and implementation activities. The individual will troubleshoot issues in reports related to data. The individual will assimilate, integrate, and interface technical knowledge with business / systems requirements.


B.A. or B.S. in Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, or Engineering.


Seven (7) years’ directly relatable experience

Skills and capabilities
  • Knowledge of multiple programming languages and tools including, but not limited to: FOCUS; Web-Focus; Oracle; Oracle Financials; Amazon Web Services (AWS); Teradata; JavaScript; HTML/XML; MS Visual Basic/Access/Excel, SQL, Python, R and MicroStrategy.
  • Application knowledge/experience with: Federal financial systems such as CDCS; UFMS; TOP; CAIVRS and
  • Understanding of technical documentation including Software Design and Testing documents and architecture diagrams.
  • Experience testing, and documenting software fixes, enhancements, and upgrades.
  • Experience working with management and stakeholders to document existing system functionality or define new system requirements, objectives, and scope.
  • Experience reviewing and analyzing technical deliverables such as design documents, implementation plans, and test plans.
  • Experience in risk analysis.
  • Statistical analysis experience is preferred.

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